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Cont4S Integrator
New Func­tion “SAP Workflow”

Cont4S Integrator SAP Work­flow Usage

    The Cont4S Integrator allows adding objects in the SAP system via BAPIs or recorded tran­sac­tions from Micro­soft Excel. While data often needs to be stored or posted directly in SAP, there also might be requi­re­ments like the compli­ance of regu­la­tions concer­ning work­flow-processes or the ’4‑eyes-prin­ciple’. A new func­tion­a­lity of the Cont4S Integrator now makes it possible to trigger a work­flow in the SAP system. Using this option, the data isn’t booked imme­dia­tely, instead it enters an autho­riza­tion process which can be indi­vi­du­ally desi­gned by the customer.

      A Work­flow in the SAP system 

      A work­flow, which is defined in the SAP system, speci­fies each step in the autho­riza­tion process with its corre­spon­ding data. The adja­cent picture shows a simpli­fied example of such a process in compli­ance with the ’4‑eyes-prin­ciple’.

      The high­lighted process steps are the Cont4S Integrator Tasks, which are inte­grated into the customer work­flow for correct proces­sing and commu­ni­ca­tion. The program logic of these tasks is deli­vered and can be easily added into the own work­flow without further development.

      Minimal Custo­mi­zing Effort 


      It can be quickly deter­mined whether the data of an inter­face should be instantly saved or be chan­neled via an SAP work­flow with only a few custo­mi­zing settings in the Cont4S Integrator. Further­more, it can be speci­fied how to proceed if the inspec­tion of the data unveils an error and whether the initiator of the work­flow should receive a confir­ma­tion mail after the process has been completed.  



      Start of the Work­flow directly from MS Excel 

      The work­s­heet in MS Excel and the overall approach do not differ from a direct posting/saving. By taking a look into the log, which is sent from SAP to Excel, it is evident when a work­flow was trig­gered.  

      View into the Inbox 

      The started Work­flow creates a decision task in the SAP system. This can be examined in the SAP workspace from the, in the work­flow defined, autho­ri­zing contributors/workers/authors who were defined in the work­flow. Atta­ched to the decision task are the appli­ca­tion log and the Excel work­s­heet contai­ning the data to be approved. If it is approved, the objects of the work­s­heet are saved with the under­lying BAPI or tran­sac­tion. If it is rejected, the data will be discarded.  



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