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Cont4S Integrator
SAP Inter­face Framework

SAP Work­flow Integration
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Cont4S Integrator Platform

    With C4S Integrator we offer a plat­form that enables our custo­mers to create inter­faces that inte­grate Micro­soft Excel without any deve­lo­p­ment effort. In the SAP system input inter­faces as well as output inter­faces are supported. It is up to the customer to decide whether to use inter­faces with or without the SAP AIF frame­work. SAP AIF as a stan­dard func­tion­a­lity of SAP SE provides a consis­tent execu­tion, moni­to­ring and bug fixing of interfaces. 

    Of course, the C4S Integrator plat­form supports various tech­ni­ques for imple­men­ta­tion, such as

    • BAPI calls 
    • Tran­sac­tion calls 
    • Table update 

    Data can be deli­vered or distri­buted in diffe­rent file formats. The Cont4S Integrator also offers the possi­bi­lity to inte­grate MS Excel with all its func­tion­a­li­ties into the inter­face process. 

    Cont4S Integrator Services

    Accom­panying services allow the imme­diate deli­very of ready-to-run SAP AIF inter­faces. Of course, we eagerly support our custo­mers in the project with the imple­men­ta­tion of interfaces. 

    The Cont4S Integrator is deve­loped and main­tained by a consul­ting and deve­lo­p­ment team with loads of expe­ri­ence in desig­ning and imple­men­ting inter­faces. The possi­bi­li­ties offered by the Cont4S Integrator are almost unlimited. 

    Do you have a demand?

    • For inter­faces where SAP system is involved 
    • To stan­dar­dize the moni­to­ring of interfaces 
    • To simplify and stan­dar­dize the error hand­ling of the exis­ting interfaces 
    • Auto­mate peri­odic data coll­ec­tion, which is curr­ently done manually 
    • To reduce your efforts for manu­ally trans­fer­ring data from MS Excel to SAP 
    • Unload data from an SAP system in order to filter, enrich or extend it using MS Excel 
    • To replace inter­faces with outdated batch input technology 
    • To effi­ci­ently imple­ment mass data 
    • To copy data between SAP systems, clients or orga­niza­tional structures 
    • For recur­ring supply of test mandates with appli­ca­tion data 
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    Inter­faces without Deve­lo­p­ment Effort 

    • Crea­tion of input inter­faces for storing/posting data to an SAP system based on tran­sac­tions, BAPIs or tables 
    • Crea­tion of output inter­faces via SAP queries 
    • Gene­ra­tion of Excel work­s­heets for the respec­tive Inter­face from SAP 
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    Seam­less Inte­gra­tion with SAP AIF (SAP Appli­ca­tion Inter­face Framework)

    • Support of input and output inter­faces with connec­tion to SAP AIF (SAP Appli­ca­tion Inter­face Frame­work), which provides consis­tent control, moni­to­ring and error hand­ling for interfaces 
    • Input inter­faces for tran­sac­tions, BAPIs and tables 
    • Output inter­faces via query with SAP AIF or MS Excel as destination 
    • Accom­panying services that allow us to imme­dia­tely deliver execu­table AIF inter­faces to custo­mers based on BAPIs, tran­sac­tions or batch input sessions 
    • Project support service by consul­tants with several years of expe­ri­ence in large SAP AIF projects 
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