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Cont4S Integrator
New Func­tion “File attachement”

Cont4S Integrator File attachement

    The Cont4S Integrator allows to add objects in the SAP system via BAPIs or recorded tran­sac­tions from Micro­soft Excel. Regar­ding the default SAP system, attach­ments can be saved and linked to its objects (master data, docu­ments), which opens up nume­rous use-cases. For example, it may be important to link a blue-print, speci­fi­ca­tions for a mate­rial or an invoice file for a Finan­cial Accoun­ting docu­ment to the object. The possi­bi­lity to provide such attach­ments directly in the inter­face is now available with the latest release of the Cont4S Integrator.

      A Work­s­heet as basis

      A work­s­heet can be gene­rated from the Excel engine custo­mi­zing at any time. Such a temp­late can be saved and used over and over again.
      The example on the right shows a temp­late for journal postings in Finan­cial Accoun­ting (FI). The journal posting docu­ments for outgoing invoices are being prepared in the work­s­heet. Each of them has a file assi­gned to it, which needs to be uploaded, via hyperlink.

      Direct feed­back from the SAP system in the worksheet

      The user auto­ma­ti­cally receives feed­back on the progress of the saving/posting processes after the data has been trans­ferred to the SAP system.
      The appli­ca­tion log provides an over­view of the entire course of action and is trans­ferred to a new work­s­heet in the source file In the example, the attach­ments were correctly linked to the document.

      Key fields of newly created objects in the SAP system are auto­ma­ti­cally trans­ferred to the required section of the source sheet, where you can see the whole infor­ma­tion of the key fields like company code, fiscal year and docu­ment number of each of the documents. 

      Posted docu­ment with attach­ment as a result in the SAP system

      Our three FI docu­ments, with its attach­ments, were posted in the SAP system. The last, adja­cent image shows the finished process of one of our docu­ments. You can see details and its file attach­ments inclu­ding the invoice we added earlier.

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